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company news about The working principle and advantages of the stacked screw machine

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The working principle and advantages of the stacked screw machine
Latest company news about The working principle and advantages of the stacked screw machine

The stacked screw machine is a type of sludge dewatering machine, its main use is to thicken and dewater the sludge, and then achieve the purpose of sludge discharge, reasonable environmental protection and pollution-free treatment.


The working principle of the stacked screw machine:

The sludge is pumped to the mixing tank by the sludge pump - the sludge is fed into the main body of the screw stacker for thickening and dewatering - the sludge is discharged by the pressure plate after being extracted by the screw.


The sludge dewatering stage has two parts, one for sludge thickening and one for sludge dewatering. The first section in the main body of the screw stacker is the sludge thickening section, which has a relatively large pitch and becomes smaller and more pressurised as you go up the sludge thickening section. The sludge is discharged through the pressure plate by the constant movement of the movable and fixed rings, which squeeze each other.


The main uses of the screw stacker:

The stacked screw machine is widely used in sludge dewatering systems in various industries such as municipal wastewater treatment, petrochemical industry, leather and textile, food breeding, steel casting and so on. Especially for oily sludge, activated sludge has a very good solution, sludge dewatering reasonable moisture content of 80%, depending on the characteristics of the sludge, part can reach 60% or even lower.


Advantages of the stacked screw machine:

1、Low price: The price of a small stacked screw machine is only 20,000 to 30,000, which is much cheaper than traditional mud presses, which can cost more than 100,000.

2, continuous operation: the machine can operate continuously 24 hours, just adjust the relative parameters, PLC system according to the requirements set up, completely can save a lot of manpower.

3, good product quality: the overall use of 304 stainless steel structure, wear resistance and durability greatly improved, usually at least three to five years of use.

4, wide range of applications: almost all industries can deal with sludge, for activated sludge treatment effect is still good.


The preparation work before adding medicine to the stacked screw machine:

1、Check each pipeline and line.

2、Check the electrical equipment.

3. Check whether the main parts of the stacked screw machine are intact.

4, do not have foreign objects in the stacked screw machine.

What should I pay attention to when feeding the conch stacker?


The key to feeding a conch stacker is to mix the sludge, which is often referred to as mud.


In the process of operation of the conch stacker, it is necessary to set a reasonable stopping time, not too long and not too short, and to complete the whole process according to the requirements.


When shutting down the conch stacker, first close the sludge feed pump, stop feeding the sludge, close the dosing pump, dosing system, stop dosing, empty the flocculation mixing tank, stop the flocculation mixing motor, wait for all the sludge to be exhausted, in the manual spraying filter body 5 minutes, the machine and equipment will be flushed clean, and then turn off the power.

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