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Dehydrator Wastewater Sludge Press Machine 1t/H Low Noise

China Benenv Co., Ltd certification
China Benenv Co., Ltd certification
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Dehydrator Wastewater Sludge Press Machine 1t/H Low Noise

Dehydrator Wastewater Sludge Press Machine 1t/H Low Noise
Dehydrator Wastewater Sludge Press Machine 1t/H Low Noise Dehydrator Wastewater Sludge Press Machine 1t/H Low Noise

Large Image :  Dehydrator Wastewater Sludge Press Machine 1t/H Low Noise

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: BENENV
Certification: SW17Q10910R0S
Model Number: MDS101
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1SET
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Export Plywood Case
Delivery Time: 3-7 weeks
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 99 Sets per 6 weeks

Dehydrator Wastewater Sludge Press Machine 1t/H Low Noise

Name: Sludge Dewatering Machine Product Name: Screw Press Sludge Dewatering Multi Disk MDS Series For Wastewater Treatment
Power: Customized Capacity: 0.8-1Ton/h
Color: Customer Requirement Operation: 24 Hours Automatic Running
Type: Sewage Treatment Plant Material: Stainless Steel
Warranty: 2 Years Keywords: Sludge Dehydrator
High Light:

low noise sludge press machine


dehydrator sludge press machine


sludge press machine 1t/h

Sewage sludge processes multi-disk Dehydrator Wastewater Sludge dewatering screw press for Sludge treatment services


Usually, different kinds of sludge will be produced duming waer processing. The sludge dehydrating devices are mainly used to

 decrease water content, reduce sludge volume, and easy the processing of the next sludge treating step. The sludge dewatering machines can be usually including the following types: belt filer press, centifugal dewatering machine, plate and ramme lilter press and screw type sludge dehydrator.



Process of Sludge Dewatering Press

MDS has solved several technical problems of other similar sludge dewatering equipment including belt presses, centrifuge machines, plate-and-frame filter press have, which are frequent clogging, low concentration sludge / oil sludge treatment failure, high energy consumption and complicated operation etc.

Sludge Overflow: Sludge is pumped into the dehydrator inlet tank, and from there, it flows over a triangular overflow discharge into the flocculation tank. Sludge quantities exceeding the equipment capacity, are returned through the safety overflow.
Flocculation: The flocculation tank is stirred with a low-speed paddle mixer, and the polymeric flocculent is dosed into the incoming sludge. The flocculent solution is prepared directly at the wastewater treatment plant, by mixing the concentrated reagent with water, in an independent tank. It is then dosed in sufficient quantities by a dosing pump. The reaction of the flocculent with the sludge, causes clearly defined flakes to be formed in the dehydrator flocculation tank and subsequently brought into the thickening and dewatering drum.

Thickening: When the shaft is driven by the screw, moving rings around the shaft move up and down relatively. Most water is pressed out from the thickening zone and fall down to the filtrate tank by gravity.

Dewatering: The thickened sludge moves forward continuously from the thickening zone towards the dewatering zone. With the pitch of the screw shaft thread getting narrower and narrower, the pressure in the filter chamber increases higher and higher. In addition to the pressure generated by the back-pressure plate, the sludge is greatly pressed and dryer sludge cakes produced.



Applications of Sludge Dewatering Press

1-Low energy consumption.
2-Minimal water consumption.
3-Minimal noise.
4-Low polymer consumption.
5-No need for proceeding sludge thickening.
6-Suitable for any type of sludge even suitable for dewatering oil/grease rich sludge.
7-Minimal maintenance and operational cost.
8-Capable for working 24/7.


Model Selection

WAS Sludge
& Chemical Precipitated Sludge
(Thin Sludge)
Dissolved Air Flotation Sludge
Mixed Raw Sludge
Aerobic Digested Sludge
& Sewage Sludge
Sludge Concentration (TS)
MDS 051 ~0.4 kg-DS/hr
(0.2 m³/hr)
~0.6 kg-DS/hr
(0.06 m³/hr)
~2 kg-DS/hr
(0.1 m³/hr)
~4 kg-DS/hr
(0.08 m³/hr)
~5 kg-DS/hr
(0.16 m³/hr)
MDS 101 ~2 kg-DS/hr
(1.0 m³/hr)
~3 kg-DS/hr
(0.3 m³/hr)
~5 kg-DS/hr
(0.25 m³/hr)
~10 kg-DS/hr
(0.2 m³/hr)
~13 kg-DS/hr
(0.43 m³/hr)
MDS 131 ~4 kg-DS/hr
(2.0 m³/hr)
~6 kg-DS/hr
(0.6 m³/hr)
~10 kg-DS/hr
(0.5 m³/hr)
~20 kg-DS/hr
(0.4 m³/hr)
~26 kg-DS/hr
(0.87 m³/hr)
MDS 132 ~8 kg-DS/hr
(4.0 m³/hr)
~12 kg-DS/hr
(1.2 m³/hr)
~20 kg-DS/hr
(1.0 m³/hr)
~40 kg-DS/hr
(0.8 m³/hr)
~52 kg-DS/hr
(1.73 m³/hr)
MDS 202 ~16 kg-DS/hr
(8.0 m³/hr)
~24 kg-DS/hr
(2.4 m³/hr)
~40 kg-DS/hr
(2.0 m³/hr)
~80 kg-DS/hr
(1.6 m³/hr)
~104 kg-DS/hr
(3.47 m³/hr)
MDS 311 ~20 kg-DS/hr
(10 m³/hr)
~30 kg-DS/hr
(3.0 m³/hr)
~50 kg-DS/hr
(2.5 m³/hr)
~100 kg-DS/hr
(2.0 m³/hr)
~130 kg-DS/hr
(4.33 m³/hr)
MDS 312 ~40 kg-DS/hr
(20 m³/hr)
~60 kg-DS/hr
(6.0 m³/hr)
~100 kg-DS/hr
(5.0 m³/hr)
~200 kg-DS/hr
(4.0 m³/hr)
~260 kg-DS/hr
(8.67 m³/hr)
MDS 313 ~60 kg-DS/hr
(30 m³/hr)
~90 kg-DS/hr
(9.0 m³/hr)
~150 kg-DS/hr
(7.5 m³/hr)
~300 kg-DS/hr
(6.0 m³/hr)
~390 kg-DS/hr
(13 m³/hr)
MDS 412 ~80 kg-DS/hr
(40 m³/hr)
~120 kg-DS/hr
(12 m³/hr)
~200 kg-DS/hr
(10 m³/hr)
~400 kg-DS/hr
(8.0 m³/hr)
~520 kg-DS/hr
(17.3 m³/hr)
MDS 413 ~120 kg-DS/hr
(60 m³/hr)
~180 kg-DS/hr
(18 m³/hr)
~300 kg-DS/hr
(15 m³/hr)
~600 kg-DS/hr
(12 m³/hr)
~780 kg-DS/hr
(26 m³/hr)


Dewater Principle
1. Concentration: When the screw pushes the shaft to rotate, the multiple solid laminations disposed on the periphery of the push shaft move relative to each other. Under the action of gravity, water is filtered out from the relatively moving lamination gap to achieve rapid concentration
2. Dehydration: The concentrated sludge moves forward with the rotation of the screw shaft; along the exit direction of the mud cake, the pitch of the screw shaft gradually becomes smaller, and the gap between the ring and the ring gradually becomes smaller, and the volume of the spiral cavity becomes smaller. Continuous shrinkage; under the action of the back pressure plate at the outlet, the internal pressure is gradually enhanced. Under the continuous driving of the spiral push shaft, the water in the sludge is squeezed out, and the solid content of the filter cake is continuously increased, and finally the sludge is realized. Continuous dehydration.
3. Self-cleaning: The rotation of the screw shaft pushes the swimming ring to rotate continuously. The device relies on the movement between the fixed ring and the swimming ring to realize a continuous self-cleaning process, thereby cleverly avoiding the clogging problem common to the traditional dewatering machine.

Advantages of Sludge Dewatering Press


Since MDS dewatering press can be used directly to concentrate and dewater the low-solid sludge from aeration tanks or secondary clarifiers, the users don't have to build a thickening tank or a storage tank any more while they have to when using other types of sludge dehydrators, especially the belt filter presses. Then significant civil engineering cost and floor area are saved.

Furthermore, the phosphorus emission problem caused by aeration tanks or secondary clarifiers can be well prevented.


Fixed/moving rings replace filter cloths, self-cleaning, clog-free

As MDS using fixed rings and moving rings as filter media instead of filter cloths makes it especially good at treating oily sludge when compared with other types similar sludge dehydrator. The moving rings rotate up and down to the fixed rings when the gaps between them are cleaned to prevent from clogging.


Low-speed rotating, low noise, low energy consumption - only 1/10 of belt filter presses and 1/20 of centrifuges

MDS doesn't need any big supporting equipment such as rollers to work with. The rotating speed is as low as only 2-4 r/min. As a result, it can realize water-saving, energy saving and low noise. The average energy consumption is only 0.01-0.1kwh/kg-DS, only 1/10 as that of belt filter presses and 1/20 as that of centrifuges .

Full-automatic control, simple operation and management

There are no easily blocked pieces such as belt and filtration pore in Multi-Disk Screw Press. Combining with the auto control system, the machine runs very safely and simply and can be programmed according to the requirement of the users. It can operate automatically for 24 hours, unmanned.



Widely Applicable
1. Suitable for sludge in municipal sewage, food, beverage, chemical, leather, welding consumables, papermaking, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other industries.
2. Suitable for dewatering of high and low concentration sludge. When dewatering low concentration (2000mg/L~) sludge, it is not necessary to build a concentration tank or a storage tank, reduce construction cost, reduce phosphorus release and anaerobic odor generation.


Company Information


BENENV is a company with over 40 years of experience in the sludge treatment on design, engineering, manufacturing and installation. We focus on the dewatering treatment (first & second dewatering, biological aerobic drying) and resource utilization of sludge from wastewater of all industries. Our products line includes Multi-disk screw press series (MDS), KDS thickening and dewatering series, electric osmosis equipment, sludge drying machine and sludge incinerator.

Benenv are always focusing on independent technology innovation of themselves. We have our own Japanese branch company "Japan Benenv Co., Ltd.", which is technology research and design center and also help headquarters to do the Japanese Quality Control. Benenv have already got international qualifications as ISO9001: 2008 and CE marks for all products, national awards as Utility Model Patent for MDS series and KDS, sludge drier, etc, and High-tech Enterprises Qualification, etc. products are mostly exported to the European and North American countries. BENENV are also working closely with top 10 universities and government organizations in China and Japan such as Tokyo Industry University and Nanjing Agriculture University to keep our technology of cutting-edge and transform science and technology into productivity.



Packaging and Delivery

1. The normal package is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If export to European countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tighter,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.


2. We also support 20',40' container delivery, use soft packaging to protect machine well. If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.


Q: Are You Trading Company Or Manufacture?
A: We Are Both Manufacture And Trading Company. We Have Over 30 Years' Professional Experience As a Waste Water Treatment Equipment Manufacturer And Engineering Service Enterprise.

Q : What Are Your Main Products?
A:Keywords :Sludge Dewatering Machine Equipment, Screw Type Sludge Dewatering Press Sludge Screw Press, Dewatering Sludge Machine Screw Press ,Sewage Treatment Equipment ,Sludge Treatment Plant,Screw Press Sludge Dewatering ,Dewatering Sludge,Dewatering Machine For Sludge, Dewatering Sludge Machine Screw Press, Rotary Drum Bar Screens, Equipment DAF, DAF Price ,Dissolved Air Flotation System Price, Sludge Shaftless Screw Conveyor,Chemical Dosing Device ,MBBR Price,MBBR Media,Disc Diffuser, Polymer Preparation Chemical Dosing System.

Q: How Can I Find The Suitable Model?
A: Please Provide Flow Rate, Solids Content And Sludge Type, We Can Assist You In Model Selection.

Q: Where Is Your Factory Located?
A: Yixing City, We are in the famous city of environmental protection equipment ,professional for Sludge screw press dewatering Machine ,Which Is Very Close To Shanghai With Only Less Than 3 Hours' Driving. Welcome for your visiting.

Q: Do You Provide OEM Service?
A: Yes. We Can Do The Customized Design According To Your Different Request for sludge Dewatering.

Q: How About The Production Capacity Of Your Company?
A: Our Factory Covers Area Over 22,000M2 And Produces Machines 2000 Sets Per Year.

Q: How Could We Trust You And Your Company? Is This Your First Time Transaction?
A: A: Our Company Has More Than 30 Years Professional Experience. We Cooperate Over 1000 Customers.In China And Overseas. We Export Nearly 60 Countries All Over The World.And We Have More Than 60+Patents, CE,ISO 9001,SGS Certificates. And We Have Company In Japan , Great Technology And Great Quality.

Q: Do You Offer After-Sales Service?
A: Video Technical Support, Online Support,Spare Parts,Field Maintenance Repair Service.

Q: How Long is Your Warranty?
A: 2 Years After The Arrival Of The Goods. During This Period, As Long As It Is Not a Man-Made Damage, We Send The Damaged Parts Free Of Charge.

Q: What About Your Produce Time?What Kind Of Transportation Do You Offer?
A:Within 30 Days Against Down Payment. Air, Land & Sea .

Q: What Kind Of Payment Do You Accept?
A: T/T, L/C, Paypal, Cash, D/P, D/A, Western Union, Money Gram.

Sludge Dewatering Press,Sludge Dewatering Machine,Screw Press.

Dewatering Press,Sludge Dewatering Machine,Screw Press.

Contact Details
Benenv Co., Ltd

Contact Person: Manager

Tel: +86 189 6153 0288

Fax: 86-510-80798888

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